Innovation in supply chains
Find out how we can help you reinvent the way you do business logistics.

Consulting and Survey

We help to discover the bottlenecks and critical points of operation to propose improvements that allow us to speed up and obtain superior results through technology.


We help our clients to establish the scope of their products through Product Discovery and Design Thinking techniques.

Design thinking

We apply tools such as Design Thinking to understand and empathize with the needs of users, explore new ideas and materialize them through prototypes.


We build prototypes and/or interactive models that allow us to carry out tests with users to validate the hypotheses proposed.

MVP Development

The construction of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) allows to quickly validate the digital product in the market, generating a lot of information as feedback that allows adjusting what is really important for the user.

Suite de Aplicaciones Operativas

A través de una Suite de Aplicaciones brindamos apoyo a las operaciones logísticas y de cadena de suministro en todo tamaño de empresas. Nuestras soluciones se integran con las herramientas existentes, y permiten añadir inteligencia y eficacia en las operaciones.

Suite de Aplicaciones Do Better / Unilever Chile.

Operations planning

Portal for operations planning by sector / logistics center.

Surrender of documentation

Mobile app for digitalization of documents and confirmation of receipts automatically, through artificial intelligence.

Stock Audit

Integrated web solution for stock audits in large distribution centers. Early detection of differences, solution suggestions and outputs for third-party applications.

Automation and integration

Save up to 50% of your employees' time, thanks to Business Automation technology.

Dealing with incidents

Automatic responses, email exchange, report generation and much more, are what can be automated in the logistics sector of your company.

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Integrations without API

Through the implementation of a bot, without the need to develop complex application interfaces on your core systems (SAP, logistics integrators), you can carry out from loading a form to issuing receipts.

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Success case

Do Better Suite

Do Better trusted Bombieri to develop a modularized suite with cutting edge technology, providing eficiency and an inmediate response to different parts of the organization.

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"The joint work carried out with Bombieri has allowed us deliver complete solutions for Digital and Technological Transformation to different types of companies in Chile, including companies multinationals as well as local ones.
The selection of Bombieri as our developer partner in Chile is based on flexibility for the management of projects, a convenient and feasible economic cost, but mainly in very good software quality, with low rates of very high failure and adequacy levels."

Diego Bozzano
General Manager at Do Better

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