The future of the insurance industry
Dicover how we can help you to build a Digital Ecosystem to facilitate the interaction of all stakeholders.

Digital Marketing

Our specialists implements trending technology and tools to build the end-to-end digital journey, by ensure a totally renweed digital experience aligned with the expected business results.

Audience Optimization

Identify and optimize the target audiences to reach invest efficiency on media budgets. We are continuously reviewing and editing the campaigns parameters to improve the quality of each campaign.

Design and Deployment of Landing Pages

We create and deploy taylor-made landing pages to capture the customer data.

CRM Integration

The entire workflow may be integrate with CRM, to keep and save all information of leads and prospects. Then we can qualify automatically according to users actions.

Social Media

We manage and optimize your social media profiles to improve the organics metrics, and optimize campaigns keeping the budget within limits.

Email Marketing and Automation

We create automatic flows to give response o take action, according to the steps that each user reach, including custom messages via email, remarketing, and others.

Data Analytics

We keep informated your team with all relevant information about the campaigns. We analize data from each platform to propose specific marketing actions to get better results.

Digital Sales

Our solutions for Digital Sales allows to deploy new digital chanels to commercialize any type of insurance really quickly, generating solutions to sale 24x7x365 and reducing the human actions to mínimum.

Insurance platform to customers - RUS.

Digital sales acceleration platform

Digital product definition and implementation in record time.

Online Payments

Gateways inteagrated to online payments over Latam.

Mobile apps and Web Portals

Apps and web portals taylor-made for customers, brokers and MGAs, integrated with Core systems and thir parthy modules.


Drop repetitive tasks and replace them by software robots. The people of your organization can do most valuable tasks taking really important decisions instead.

Claims management

Automated answers, email exchange, reporting generation, are only few things that a robot can do for you in claims sector.

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Replace human tasks

Help to reduce costes, minimize errors and free your employees from administrative repetitive work with robotic process automation (RPA).

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Integration without APIs

Form recording, simple policy issuance and data validation, might be replaced by a software robot without the need for complex application interfaces.

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Success case

"Río Uruguay Seguros has developed in technology and, more specifically, in digitalization, and this is thanks to an internal IT team that has worked enormously on time reculturization in the company and to our service providers that are leading companies in the country. It is here that Bombieri enters the scene, they have played a major role since the beginning of the RUS Mobile App and they continue to do so. They have made a continuous contribution, a demonstration of solidarity, in terms of business, technology implementation, and transformation challenges in a company. We have been able to complement each other and they have been able to understand the direction we wanted to take, with modesty and great dedication. They have done a great job over time and we trust it will be much more, and we will keep sharing this life project, after all, a life project of two companies: Río Uruguay Seguros on the one hand and Bombieri on the other, because our destinies are bound together and this is endless."

Cdor. Juan Carlos Lucio Godoy

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