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What we do

We are a tech company of Digital Innovation.
Through innovative digital products we enhance the business of our customers. We add value from product and digital strategies definition, to the implementation of solutions to give a effective digital transformation.

What makes us different?

No matters the solution, technology or tool do you need, the difference is made in the results that your tech partner delivers. This is what make us different:

Our time to market is excellent.

We can deliver the first version of a new solution in 30 days or less. In some cases we has delivered solutions in 7 days, and then we keep evolutionating the product with deliverables every 2 or 3 weeks. We are a result-oriented and very pragmatic team, we organize our self working with agile frameworks that allow us achieve excellent results for our clients.

10 years of field experience.

Our company was founded in 2009 and our professionals have an average of 10 years of experience working on projects to provide you with the expertise and results you require.

Mapping tech to business quickly.

We have talented team with knowledge and experience that handle and identify business problems and improvement opportunities quickly. We can prototype new solutions, test it and report the results in term of 2-4 weeks.

Innovation + Engineering

For more than a decade we've worked on thechnological innovation, transforming companies from different industries and parts of the world.

La Clarita

La Clarita was in search of a better and better way of working that would allow her to be more efficient in her organization. A search for continuous improvement for its processes focused on the objective of growth and development, in an organic and sustainable way. For which, the challenge was to allow Bombieri to access all areas of the company to find out the status of each of the internal processes, in order to detect any point of possible improvement, automation or optimization.

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Women for Sports

BOMBIERI and Women For Sports (W4S) from Chile began working together on the development of a mobile application that allows female athletes to make their talent visible in order to enhance their careers.

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TERRUS renews its digital experience with Bombieri as a technological ally. Digital marketing as a tool for business development and brand growth.

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